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One flesh Exemplaire

Ge2/18″It is not good that the man should be alone… » Marriage is God’s invention.It’s the first institution that God establish in the world.He is the developer,producer and film director of the marriage. That said,we must know that the Lord wants all to be married.For he says »It is not good that the man should be alone;I will make him an helper to him ». The loneliness of a person without a spouse is for everyone’s like a vacuum.For God created Man,Male and Female to keep the garden and dominate the world. In this guest of the soul mate,we have the Lord our rating to help us make the appropriate choice for ourselves and our destiny.The Lord has already tell us: »I’ll make him an helper to him » In this research,God God will show us all kinds of persons(« animals »according Geneses) in order to make ourselves known to us our own true and real need.That because sometime we don’t know what we need,we appreciate things superficially. Adam named all the animals and the Bible says that » he did not find for him a helper »Ge 2/20b. Adam realized his real need and he even had the same agreement and the same thought with the Lord who said to him earlier « I ‘ll make him a helper… » The Bible says on 21 of Genesis chapter 2: »THEN the Lord caused a deep sleep… » It is only at this time that God gave the solution by creating the wife Eve for Adam. Let us finally know that three factors works for the realization of our marriage. -God’s time -Getting ready or preparation -The will or a strong desire If we have these three factors to our credit,let us know that God is about to give us our soul mate for which we have sought.Matthew 7/ 9-11 !

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