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The Priest

Hebrew 5/4″No one chooses for himself the honor of being a high priest.It is only God’s call that a man is made a high priest-just as Aaron was- »

The Lord Jesus when he began his ministry, called the twelve disciples after each other into the service of God.
He said to them, »Follow me, I will make you fishers of men »This in order to prepare them to help Him and to continue his work after his ascension in heaven.
Of all the thousand of the Jews, the Lord Jesus does has only choose twelve .God is the one calls to the ministry.Even our Lord Jesus was called and sent by God according to John 3/16 and Hebrew 4/5.
Let us remember the story of the murmurings of Israelite on the choice of Aaron and his sons as priests.Numbers 17 and 18.
God put a stop to the murmurs and protests by the miraculous and obvious choice of Aaron whose only rod has blossomed from those of the twelve tribes of Israel.
Let no one proclaimed himself and worried the rejection of his call by another,God who has called him has the means of its policy and he will demonstrate it by the fruits and the acts of the person called.Matthew 7/17 and 20.
The apostle Paul ,who received his call after the rise to heaven of the Lord Jesus(acts 9) and with his pass persecutor background got some resistance against his ministry. The Lord removed quickly by using him powerfully and by establishing him as the twelfth apostle after the suicide of Judas Iscariot the traitor.
God choose and continues to call men and women into his work..The whole society has several employers,private and state;our creator God too is the employer of choice which the first employees are the men and the women called to the ministry according Ephesians 4/11-12.That is on purely hierarchical way.
May our God bless all those who agree to follow the Lord Jesus on the path of ministry by paying the price of all sacrifices required for this vocation and who fulfill their function as accountable before God their Employer.
Be richly bless.You are already bless because of God’s anointing upon you.

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